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JaxJets Profile

Jax Jets is a family business, founded and operated by Kacper Gradzki and his wife Stephanie. Kacper commands the flight operations, and Stephanie the business aspects. They started this successful company on their own, but they’re not without a very qualified team to back them up and run the day-to-day of this thriving jet charter company.

Jax Jets grew from Kacper’s flight instruction business in Jacksonville Florida, which expanded to a Part 135 FAA approved On-Demand Charter company. By 2018 the company was operating a small fleet of new Cirrus SR22 aircraft, which opened the door to moving up from the piston -powered SR22 to the Cirrus Vision Jet. Along the way, the company moved from Jacksonville Executive Craig Airport to St. Augustine’s Northwest Florida Regional Airport.

Though the Cirrus Vision Jet has an effective range of a thousand miles, and there are over 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone  that are accessible via Vision Jet, Jax Jets has targeted destinations within a two hour radius as the perfect use of their services. That includes such popular destinations as Tallahassee, Nashville, New Orleans, Ashville, Savannah, Norfolk, Washington DC, Memphis, Key West, and all of the Bahamas.

Kacper and Stephanie’s goal is to keep the business small and friendly, catering to the traveler who appreciates personal service and excellence in all aspects.


Advanced Safety

Safety first. Both of our SF50 Cirrus Vision Jets have the Safe Return System.

The safe return can be activated by anyone in the aircraft.   The safe return takes over the aircraft and flies the aircraft to the closest suitable airport, avoiding weather and other aircraft.    The aircraft flies and lands by itself

Meet Our Founder

Kacper Gradzki founded Jax Jets on the concept of a small, efficient personal and personable aircraft charter business serving discerning clients who appreciate attention to details. As Director of Operations and Check Airman, Captain Gradzki oversees the business and flight operations of the company, and continues to fly regularly as one of four pilots on staff.