Affordable Private Jet Charter To Key West

Affordable Private Jet Charter To Key West

Ever heard the old saying “It’s about the journey, not the destination”? Well, why can’t it be about both ? If there’s a destination you’ve gotta get to, why not make the journey the best part of the experience ? Consider traveling from St. Augustine to Key West. It’s an 8 hour drive in a good day. How about Affordable private jet charter to Key West and other destinations ?

Or, if you can snag one of the few airline seats available, it’s an hour and twenty-minute flight. Not to mention time of check in, TSA screening, parking, wrangling luggage and traveling with a bunch of strangers. How about driving to our hangar in St. Augustine and immediately boarding your own private jet. And while you’re enjoying the flight, your car will be professionally detailed. An hour and a half later you’ll arrive at the General Aviation facility in Key West, not an airport terminal.

This is all possible, at a reasonable cost, because of the advent of the Very Light Jet.

On-Demand Air Charter has been around for decades, but never at this level of service and low cost combined. The aircraft that makes this possible is the Cirrus Vision Jet. Seating pilot plus six in full comfort and cruising at over 300 knots, this efficient time traveler has changed the face of chartered jet travel.

Yes, it’s still possible to spend tens of thousands of dollars on private jet travel, but it’s no longer necessary. The world of $10M  – $40M jets sucking down hundreds of gallons of fuel per hour have been challenged by the new technology of small, efficient and safe personal jets. Like all businesses, any successful aircraft charter business has costs and overhead that are born by the customer. Think about it, if the plane you’re chartering costs $20M to buy, $7,500 per hour to fly, not to mention insurance and maintenance, who do you think pays for that ? That’s why JaxJets is in the right place at the right time with the right business formula to benefit the discerning charter jet client.

Key West is just one of the hundreds of airports we serve on a flexible schedule. And most of those airports are right near your destination, instead of a couple of hours away by rental car. The U.S. alone has over 5,000 airports we can access. The airlines access only 500, often with multiple plane changes. Need to call on four different clients in four different cities a few hundred miles apart and still be home for dinner ? No problem for JaxJets. Try that with the airlines.

Think of it, on-demand charter jets with speed, efficiency and luxury. You’ll love our brand-new state-of-the-art Cirrus Vision Jets. They’re futuristic, but no longer a thing of the future.

Affordable Private Jet Charter to Key West and other destinations is now a reality.

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